NetEA: Epic Armageddon by and for the community


NetEA Tournament Pack

The NetEA Tournament Pack goes back to the idea of a living rulebook when Epic was seeing active development from Fanatic. It contains:

  • The official Epic Armageddon game rules and all of the errata found on the Epic Armageddon Resources page. All is stressed here as some errata are missing from the rulebook sections found on the web page above.
  • The most up-to-date FAQ available, essentially an expanded version of the FAQ found on the Games Workshop web page above. Each Q&A is a footnote in the appropriate section of the rules.
  • All of the NetEA Approved tournament army lists and any rule extensions and Q&A's that accompany them. NetEA Approved army lists are tournament ready and balanced against one another using the Epic tournament game rules. These lists vary slightly (point-cost and unit-stat-wise) from the official lists due to community feedback.

Official Rules

Epic's official rules are still available from Games Workshop for free via their Epic Armageddon Resources page. Here's a breakdown on what each PDF contains:

Epic Updated Rulebook Sections 1–4
The core rules for Epic Armageddon including special rules, and rules for war engines, aircraft and spacecraft.
Epic Updated Rulebook Section 5
Datasheets for Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Titan Legion and Ork forces.
Epic Updated Rulebook Section 6
Epic Tournament Game army lists for Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Ork armies.
Swordwind Part 1
Datasheets for Eldar forces.
Swordwind Part 2
Datasheets for Siegemaster Imperial Guard and Feral Ork forces.
Swordwind Part 4
Epic Tournament Game army lists for Eldar, Siegemaster Imperial Guard and Feral Ork armies.
Epic Speed Freaks
Datasheets and an Epic Tournament Game army list for Speed Freak Orks.
Epic White Scars
Datasheets and an Epic Tournament Game army list for White Scar Space Marines.
Epic Errata
Errata for the printed rulebook. Most (but not all) of this errata is included in the Epic Updated Rulebook sections above.
Epic FAQ
The last official FAQ that was put out by Games Workshop.

Finally, for some reason the Black Legion and Lost and the Damned datasheets and thier Epic Tournament Game army lists never got moved over when GW re-did their website. The official versions are linked to above.