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Introducing the NetEA Tournament Pack Website

The NetEA Tournament Pack is now available online and as a PDF! Check back often for the latest version.

Net Epic Armageddon

In 2003 Games Workshop published the fourth edition of their science fiction, mass combat system, Epic Armageddon. The game relied heavily on community feedback during its development and the living rulebook was made available for free via GW's Fanatic Games Division website. The rules are still available for free to this day, but don't see active development from GW with Fanatic being closed. Instead, development flows from the fans in the form of Net Epic Armageddon.

What is NetEA?

NetEA (Net Epic Armageddon) is a community group supporting and developing Epic Armageddon. NetEA incorporates the official Epic Armageddon rules without modification, but builds on top of the rules providing rules clarifications and an updated set of army lists - including those not included in the original published books. Thus NetEA is not a game system or ruleset, but rather a semi-organised community group maintaining a set of lists.

This website serves as an information base for new players and houses our bigger projects, but all development for NetEA lives on the Tactical Command forums. If you're interested in contributing or seeing what else is being worked on then head on over to the forums. We're always looking for gamers who want to expand the game and hobby, provide feedback and playtest.

The NetEA organisation has a Rules Committee (the ERC), along with chairpersons who each coordinate an aspect of development and Army Champions who coordinate list development and playtesting of army lists.